Magic Rewards Program

How it Works

  • Every two dollars spent is a point earned
  • Begin redeeming your points at 400 points
  • Each 200 points gives you $5 more to spend at Midnight Magic, as an example:
    • 400pts = $10
    • 1000pts = $25
    • 2000pts = $50
    • 8000pts = $200 (max in one transaction)

Rules and Regulations

  • All existing customers have been enrolled at the same time
  • Previous purchases, unfortunately, will not count towards points
  • Maximum number of points redeemable at one time is 8000
  • Points can only be redeemed for regular priced (non-sale) merchandise
  • Points can't be used to purchase gift cards
  • Program is subject to change at any time with no prior notice as this is a new program for us there may be some changes as we develop the program further

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