Anita Equitex Fillable Breast Form



Ideal for partial or restorative breast surgery, this form allows the user to adjust the amount of filling through a microfibre backing that holds medical-grade fleece. The form itself is made from a lightweight silicone shell with thin edging. Package comes with the medical fleece, user guides and the form. 

A variety of sizes are orderable as indicated in the drop-down menu but we only have a few in stock at the moment. 

  • Backing is made from breathable microfibre, making it comfortable against the skin. The backing has a small slot near the top to insert the medical fleece.
  • Variable filling allows a custom fit for a variety of needs and uses.
  • Breast form itself is made from lightweight silicone and greatly resembles the feel and weight of a natural breast.
  • Made in Austria.


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