Innovations in Men's Underwear

September 08, 2017

Innovations in Men's Underwear

Men’s underwear hasn’t evolved too much in the last 150 years. This great timeline of the history of underwear by shows how men’s cotton underwear has stayed about the same since 1920 with two important questions being asked: boxers or briefs? It wasn’t until the 1980s, when the thong became popular for both sexes, that men had a more comprehensive range of choices. Even then, colors and patterns were much more limited compared with women’s panties (remember the size of the men’s section in the Sears catalog compared to women’s? Do you even remember catalogs?) Modern men have many more choices thanks to some really innovative designs that have come out of popular brands such as Saxx and MyPakage. Couple that with great advances in technical or natural fabrics, like viscose or merino wool, that wick away moisture and regulate temperature and you have a full-grown undies revolution.

Two brands that we love are Saxx and MyPakage, both of which offer patented technology to hold “the package” in place. Saxx has a moisture-wicking waistband and “The Articulated Front Pouch and Patented Internal Mesh Panels”) that help prevent friction and chafing. Flat lock seams “allow for added stretch, extra durability and zero seam excess” while the nine panel construction ensures a perfect fit. There are a variety of fabrics available (viscose/nylon, merino wool, modal) for a variety of lifestyles, optional flys and lengths including trunk, boxer, brief and long leg. They even make long johns for those long winter nights or as a base layer for when you hit the powder.

MyPakage has the patented KeyHole Comfort Technology which also holds the package but in a different way (think: place in rather than slide in). Their claim to fame is the "Pucker Panel" which removes the bottom seam and replaces it with two seams offset from the bottom, reducing discomfort from sitting right on the seam. Fabric choices include super soft Modal/Spandex blends for their Weekday and Weekend series and technicial fabric 100% hydrophobic wicking polyester for the Action series, built for athletics.

Each brand has a variety of styles and fits as well as colors and fabric combinations so there are now a ton of options for men. We find men choose one of the brands and prefer it to the other, but that choice is individual and only comes after a bit of experimenting with brands and styles.

So who’s buying these awesome boxers? Ages really vary from 9 year olds to men in their 60s or 70s, as well as certain occupation or hobby related groups like surfers, men who work outside all day, and men who compete athletically. One thing is certain: receiving a great pair of underwear can become an addiction. We often have wives and mothers coming in before Christmas to load up on the latest colors to give to the man who has it all.

Saxx technology
Saxx boxers

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