9 Bra Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

September 07, 2017

9 Bra Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

1. Low back converter

Skip the elusive search for the perfect low-back bra and just convert your bra so you can wear tops and dresses with a low back. Simply attach the hook and eye of your bra to the converter, bring the strap around your waist and close in front. Nude or black from Maidenform. #party
low back converter
2. Fabric Buffer

Seriously, who knew? You can buff away both loose lint, crumbs and hair AND get rid of soft marks like deodorant, dandruff or face powder. This two sided device from Forever New uses two different textures to help you brush away all that icky stuff that gets stuck to clothes and lingerie. The best thing? It’s compact enough to fit in your purse or drawer at the office. **As of September 1, 2022, we no longer carry this product.**
Fabric buffer Midnight magic lingerie
3. Bra Liner

Best for ladies who have an active career or who tend to sweat a lot, the Wick’Em Bra Liner from Coconut Grove is the perfect solution to that inevitable wet lower bra we’ve all had at one time or another. Moisture wicking technical fabric pulls perspiration from your skin making it not only super functional but also ridiculously comfortable. Fits under the bra along the bottom of the cup in two different ways for different bra styles.**As of September 1, 2022, we no longer carry this product.**
bra liner midnight magic lingerie
4. Hide-A-Strap

You’ve seen this a million times before: she’s got a super cute racerback style tank but the bra straps are showing through and totally ruining the whole look. Now you can actually solve this problem (for her, for you, for everyone) with the Hide-A-Strap gadget. It hides your bra straps by pulling them together in the back with a funky figure-8 shaped piece and it also manages to lift and support at the same time. Our favorite? The Lifting Hide-a-Strap from Forever New that comes in a three pack with three different colors (black, nude and white).
lifting hide a strap
5. Nipple Covers

So we totally love the look and feel of spacer bras, with their moveable and breathable 3D spacer foam, like the Antinea Exactement 3D or the Simone Perele Caressence. But the spacer foam tends to show a little nipple occasionally, as does your standard soft cup like a Prima Donna Madison. So many women don’t realize there is such a simple fix for this: a nipple cover! Similar to a pastie or a nursing pad, the pads go between the nipple and the bra and prevent poking out and much embarrassment. They usually come in foam or silicone and in a circular or petal shape. Our bra fitters swear by them; check out the Forever New Soft Foam Nipple Cover that are non-adhesive, reusable and perfectly molded to fit over the nipple.
nipple covers
6. Strap Doctor

Our number one selling bra-related gadget: the Strap Doctor. Women have sworn by it for years for the peace of mind and comfort it provides to those suffering from slipping straps. Whether it’s both straps falling off or just one, this resuable, non-adhesive invention works with all sorts of straps and is very comfortable. Each pack comes with 2 pairs that work under narrow and regular straps and are clear to the eye.
Strap doctor cures slipping straps, available at Midnight magic
7. Clothing Shields

So this one, like the Fabric Buffer, is less a bra gadget and more an everyday clothing item, but it’s so handy we couldn’t leave it off the list. These slim and comfortable adhesive shields keep clothing clean and dry when you’re bound to sweat. No more deodorant stains or sweaty looking pits! We’re liking the No-Sweat Clothing Shields by Forever New (6 in a pack).**As of September 1, 2022, we no longer carry this product.**
Clothing shields
8. Hook Extenders

Well, you probably have heard of this one before because it’s the simplest answer to extending the life of a bra. Gained a little weight? Bra suddenly fitting too tight? Use these hook extenders to widen the band on your bra. They usually come in 2, 3 and 4 hook sizes and are available in common bra colors, black, nude and white.
Hook extenders for bras

9. Shoulder Cushions

Prevent grooves in your shoulder from bra straps and feel comfy all day. The Forever New Shoulder Cushions do an awesome job of completely cushioning your shoulders from the weight of supporting your breasts. They’re designed and molded with high quality, durable silicone and simply tuck around your bra strap, which also helps prevent slippage.

Shoulder cushions prevent owies

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