Lady Em's Gems Mookaite Jasper & Copper Necklace

Lady Em's Gems

This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted necklace is produced by Canadian artist Lady Em.  The necklace features a cut and polished Mookaite Jasper stone with rich, bold tones of gold and red with white highlights.  Surrounding this unique stone is a gorgeous copper setting with a swirling design that gives it movement and grace.  The decorative, handmade copper cording wraps around the neckline but does not connect fully, giving it a intriguing asymmetrical shape with curvilinear and banded details.

Mookaite, found only in Australia, is valued by healers not only because of it's effects on anti-aging but also it's ablility to connect with energy, to ground one's energy and increase self-confidence and self-worth, among other attributes.  

To care for the copper use a piece of fine steel wool.  

Over all length is 10.75" long, stone is 2x3."  

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