Lady Em's Gems Lampwork Bead Pendant

Lady Em's Gems

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This amazing unique handcrafted necklace is produced by Canadian artist Lady Em. Reconnect with nature and the earth with the stunning piece.

The necklace features a large, intricate Lampwork bead made by a local artist in BC, Canada.  This bead is melted by torch and put in a kiln until set.  Each small item within the bead is put on with separate colours and torched.Truly a labour of love!

The bead is translucent glass with a lime/yellow core, swirling darker green ribbon around the core, and contrasting amber, blue and purple earth tones at the bottom. Silver details at top and bottom create the feel of tree branches or roots as they cradle the glass pendant.

The chain is a 1cm organza fabric in mid-tone green with two accenting thinner cords in lighter green. The clasp, non-adjustable, is an intricate swirled sterling silver that is easily put on but won't come off as you wear it.

Length of necklace is 17" long. Bead is 1" in diameter.

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