\ˈbräˈpifənē\ the moment in which you suddenly understand bras in a new or very clear way, discovering proper fitting and comfortable bras

I know you've heard it before: most women are wearing the wrong bra size.  In fact we've all heard it so often that it's starting to get annoying.  This post isn't really about that since you already probably know that or maybe you've been fit in a quality bra and know your real size.  This post is for those that haven't discovered the quality and proper fit of a European designed bra.

We carry several well known brands, such as Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Freya, Fantasie, Goddess, Empreinte, Simone Perele, Ulla, etc, that are renowned for their superior design and fabrics.  As the marketing and admin person around Midnight Magic, I am often working while my colleagues are fitting women all day and I overhear so many interesting conversation.  But I've found a common theme that I wanted to write about: the delight that women feel when they finally find a comfortable, supportive and attractive bra.  It's really fun to hear these conversations all day long and it's also fun to see the "brapiphanies" as they are happening.  I had my own when I started working here.

What is the brapiphany?  It's that moment that you realize that you can 


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